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Peace Tips…small gift, lasting impact!

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of permanent crutch users living in poor countries where crutch tips are just not available. Imagine yourself walking without crutch tips. Think how slippery and dangerous it is walking on just a metal tube. And how hard and uncomfortable it is on their hands, arms and shoulders…especially for the long haul.

I have designed Peace Tips to be extremely durable because the cost of getting them to those in need is often as great as the cost to manufacture them. Ordinary crutch tips will last a week to two months or so…Peace Tips last years. With the help of donations I was able to outfit the crutch soccer Team Haiti with Peace Tips. My Peace Partner Fred Sorrells hand carried hundreds of Peace Tips to Haiti where the teams have been punishing them in rugged conditions for over 3 years. Now that’s durable! I also configured the Peace Sign into the treads so with each imprint in the dirt there is a message of Peace.

None of us working to support this mission make a penny in the process. When you donate just $10, it will pay for a pair of Peace Tips to be manufactured, shipped and delivered to a fellow crutch user in dire straights. The appreciation and gratitude they show will put a warm spot in your heart and a smile on your face and the recipient will value and appreciate this gift for years.

Your donations will be processed through The International Institute of Sport, a registered nonprofit organization. Any donation of $10 or more will be tax deductable.

We gratefully request any help you can provide us to further our mission. This can be in the form of grant writing, contacts for grant proposals, connections with organizations that might see the value of our success and other productive ideas. For example, perhaps you are or know foreign students who would be willing to buy some Peace Tips and carry them home on the plane and give them away. Please e-mail me directly at thomas.fetterman@verizon.net or call my direct line 215-355-8849.

Thank you for your donation of any size…they all count!


Peace Tips Donation

All donations help with the free distribution of Peace Tips to developing nations where crutch tips of any quality are almost nonexistent.

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