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Because of you, we can donate 1,000 Peace Crutch Tips  for distribution at the July 28th Amputee Soccer AMERICAS CUP in Irvine, California. This past Tuesday I drove to Trenton, New Jersey to the Pierce Roberts Rubber Company who mold our Peace Tips. They are a terrific company. They have been supportive of our Peace Tip Initiative from the very beginning.  

They loaded my Prius up with 1000 Peace Tips and I drove them to my office in Philadelphia. My office manger Brian broke them into ten boxes and UPS came today to pick them up and transport them to my friend Dr. Fred Sorrells in Mesquite Texas. Donors in Mesquite are paying for Team Haiti to reach the America’s Cup in California. From Haiti they will stop in Texas where volunteer families will house them and fatten them up because they arrive malnourished. Conditions in Haiti are bad.

We will give each of them a rolling suitcase that they will fill up with Peace Tips and utilize their 49 lb baggage allowance and fly to Irvine CA the last week of July to begin the America’s Cup games on July 28th.

Throughout the playoffs and finals Team Haiti will be building good will in the spirit of the games by presenting teams in need with 70 pairs of Peace Tips each. These teams will then carry them back to their country of origin and share them with their compatriots on crutches sharing the love.

To all the generous people who have made donations via my website we thank you so very much…you are making a lot of people happy for years to come. For those of you that want to make a donation…we all thank you in advance.

Please click here and choose the amount you want to donate…even small donations help greatly. 

I will keep you informed about our progress.Thanks again for your generosity.

P.S. To learn more about our ongoing Peace Tips program, click here.